Communications solutions across technologies and
platforms for always-on connectivity.


  • Microwave Technology: Provides point-to-point or point-to-cloud access to Vodacom Business such as Dedicated internet access (DIA), Virtual Private networks(VPN), cloud services and voice over internet Protocol (VOIP). This service is available in all major metros.
  • Satellite access service: An option for customers to connect to Vodacom business from virtually anywhere, for services such as DIA, VPN and VOIP.
  • Satellite Connect from Vodacom: Vodacom’s broadband VSAT services offer robust business connectivity to the internet anywhere in south Africa, as a possible alternative to ADSL and 3G, especially in areas with limited or no coverage. This service is a true ubiquitous, high-speed internet services and supports options guaranteed VOIP (Voice over internet Protocol).


Designed for companies that need high bandwidth between two sites, Metro Ethernet LAN Connect is managed access solution that provides cost-effective and flexible high-capacity Ethernet service.

  • Metro E IP Connect: A managed Ethernet solution for high capacity-access to IP services from Vodacom Business, such as Internet, MPLS, ect. This service is available in metros in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Capetown.
  • ADSL: Vodacom Business offers ADSL as a Broadband option to connect to the Vodacom Business Network.
    Leased Lines:
    Vodacom Business Partners with third party providers to give customers the widest reach on services like Diginet and eThekwini Metro Connect.
  • IPLC: International Private Leased Circuits (IPLCs) are the basis of building blocks for international connectivity, providing Bandwidth for Global communications networks.
    These private leased services are Dedicated to the customer’s exclusive use. Using Vodafone’s global reach network. Vodacom Business is able to provide reliable, seamless, protected connectivity in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.


  • Access Point Name (APNs): An access point name (APN) is a point of entry into an IP network from a mobile device. Vodacom offers business customers private, public and managed APN solutions. A private APN provides private access to a company’s intranet and platform. It can also provide control over a company’s mobile data spend.
    A public APN is typically associated with all subscribers by default, for example Vodacom’s public internet APN allows all subscribers access to the internet by default.
  • Mobile Data: High speed mobile data access for speeds up to 50Mbps.


  • On-site Services: On-site services is a solution which provides management of the customer’s local area network environment. It offers management oversight and support of the customer’s local area network. The service comprises of the following service elements:
    • Assessment and appraisal of the customer’s local area network environment to ensure that its able to support the organisation’s current and future requirements.
    • Installations and upgrade of the customer’s local area network in line with the business requirements to support Vodacom’s IP Telephony, Video and cloud services.
    • Management of the network to proactively any outages that might impact on the productivity of the business.


  • Dedicated Internet Access: Quality high speed internet access for businesses. It offers guaranteed network throughput to both local and international sites.
  • Broadband internet access: A cost-effective internet service for all businesses. Available in capped and uncapped options.
    Regional, National and international MPLS Virtual private network:
    A connectivity solution that provides secure any-to-any communications between corporate offices.
    With a national and international footprint, and it is able to terminate different types of access technologies ranging from fixed to wireless mediums.
  • iXchange: A collaboration service which provides secure, reliable and cost-effective access from one business to another business’s information feeds, such as a stock broker, logistics ect.

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