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Centravoice provides information and communications technology products and
services to customers in Africa, specialising in total communications solutions.

What is Broadband Connect Satellite?

Broadband Connect Satellite is an Internet service completely independent from any landline solution and can be provisioned anywhere in South Africa. With BBC Satellite, you don’t have to worry about landline outages and copper theft, plus this service is installed and maintained by trained and accredited Vodacom Business Services installation teams, from Point of Presence, across the country.

Broadband Connect Satellite includes:

A capped Broadband Internet Access bundle

  • An indoor unit (Hughes HN 9460 Router), An outdoor unit (98cm Satellite dish or antenna)
  • A 2 Watt Block Uplink converter
  • A user-friendly customer online site that features
    • Monthly bundle usage
    • Top Up data bundle purchase
Why should I get Broadband Connect Satellite

Get Internet in areas with no or limited coverage

We use the latest technology to optimise the satellite link and to bring you cost efficiencies especially in unserved and underserved areas.

Always-on Internet with constant speed

Satellite access is not dependent on terrain, quality of copper landlines or distance from the exchange or radio frequency equipment. It always provides the same speed and service quality.

Hassle-free and quick deployment

You don’t have to wait for line installation or for clearances and local infrastructure to become available. All you need is hardware and a clear view to the North/Eastern sky.

Grow your entry-level package as needed

If the entry-level service is bought with a 4GB Internet bundle, you can easily add more data – at an affordable price – as your needs grow.

Monitor and manage usage on your own

A self-service website is available so that you can go online to monitor usage and top up with more data.